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Our range of Pressure Gauges and Thermometers is among the best available in the entire market. We manufacture and export these quality tested capsule pressure gauges, steel pressure gauges, stainless steel pressure gauges and electrical contact pressure gauges that are used in variety of industrial and application-specific pressure observing applications. Their basic use is to measure, observe, record, transmit and control pressure. There are several pressure instruments available with us. 

Some of them are also used for measuring pressure of liquids and gases. Our Pressure instruments perform different pressure measurements and displays amounts in assorted units.
Refrigeration Pressure Gauges

Refrigeration Pressure Gauges

Freon Gauges are available for R-12,R-22, R-502, R-134A, F-12, F-22. Now glycerin filling is also available for these gauges with M.S. or SS304 case & ring for applications where pulsations and vibrations are present


    * Dial Size 2½", 4" (63mm, 100mm)


30x150psi, 0x300psi, -30x300psi, 0x500psi,- 760mmhgx16kg/cm2, 760mmhgx25kg/cm2, -1x12.5kg/cm2

For Manifold Gauges R-134A - 0x120psi/retard 350psi, 0x500psi

For Manifold Gauges R-134A - 0x120psi/retard 250psi, 0x500psi Scales kg/cm2, psi, bar, with temperature reading Case & Ring Plastic ABS(std) (colour coded for manifold gauges-threaded bezel)/ M.S. / SS304 (Optional)

Dial Aluminum Pointer Standard Pointer/ '0' Adjustment Pointer for manifold gauges Bourdon Tube & Socket Brass Thread Connection Standard: 1/8" NPT for 63mm gauge & 3/8" BSP for 4" gauge Mounting Bottom Connection Direct Mounting, Bottom Connection Surface Mounting Back Connection Direct Mounting, Back Connection Panel Mounting Accuracy ±2-3% F.S.D. Glycerin Filling Available

Ammonia Gauges are widely used in Ice-Plants, Fisheries, Cold Storage, Chilling Plants, Breweries, Milk Dairy Plants etc.

Depending on applications Ammonia Gauges are available in 2 versions :

a) Standard (STD) (M.S. case with/without glycerin Filling)

b) Heavy Duty (HD) (S.S. case with/without glycerin Filling)

Specifications Dial Size 2½", 4", 6" ( 63mm, 100mm & 150mm)

Ranges 30x150psi, -30x300psi, -760 x 16kg/cm², -760 x 25kg/cm² Scales psi, kg/cm2, with temperature scales Case & Ring M.S. (std)/SS304 Dial Aluminum Pointer 'O' Adjustment Pointer Slotted Bourdon Tube & Socket SS316 Thread Connection 1/4" NPT, 3/8" BSP Mounting Bottom Connection Direct Mounting, Bottom Connection Panel Mounting Accuracy ±2% F.S.D. Glycerin Filling Available

Pressure Gauges for Grasso & Sabroe

Pressure gauges for Ammonia and Freon also available specific models for Grasso and Sabroe Compressors

Pressure Gauges for Grasso & Sabroe
Temperature Controllers & Indicators

Temperature Controllers & Indicators

Available Products
General Purpose Controllers with Power switch
Freezer/Cold Room Controllers
Chiller Controllers
Antifreeze Controllers
Controls with alarm output
Package AC controller
Two Compressor Controllers
Temperature Scanners and indicators 

Dial Thermometers

Based on latest gas filled technology which makes it possible to measure temperature range upto -50oC without affecting accuracy. Ideal refrigeration applications like ice plant, Cold Storage, Dairy, Chilling Plants, Breweries, Fisheries where temperature has to be measured in minus range. 

Key Features 

  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Dual temperature measuring range -50oC +50oC & -60of to 120of Fast Response Weatherproof IP 65 3 meters long stainless steel armoured capillary
  • +- 1% Accuracy
  • High Reliability
  • Non-Polluting (Mercury Free)
  • Linear Dial Scale Specifications
  • 4" Dial size SS case & Ring Bottom connection surface mounting 3/4"BSP Adjustable Adaptor
  • 3 Meter SS Armour capillary 8" long bulb & 8mm bulb dia Range: -50oC +50oC & -60of to 120of

Dial Thermometers

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